Russian Alphabet Now

Our first new app for 2017. The Russian Alphabet Now App is now available to help you learn to read and write the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. The entire alphabet is presented in 7 lessons that cover both print and cursive scripts.

After covering each lesson, a multiple choice quiz will help you test what you’ve learned. With its simple interface you can learn the alphabet in a few days.

The application has:

  • Seven lessons with print and cursive script
  • Drawing letters
  • Pronunciation
  • Quiz for all the letters

Study the letters in each lesson and write them down several times. Use the Write tab to learn to write letters in each of the scripts.
Click on completed, once you know the lesson.
Use the quiz to test your knowledge. Only the lessons marked completed appear in the quiz.

Now available on iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Russian Alphabet Now”

  1. I have one more comment I would like to share with you. There really aren’t any good Russian cursive writing practice apps available. I already know the alphabet. I just have a hard time reading and writing the cursive words. If your app did that and the text was bigger it might be a better app than any of the others. Crystal Robinson

    1. Hi Crystal, the app has cursive letters also. In the draw screen you can practice writing these in full screen mode. Thanks for your comment!

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